1. Zack absolutely should have been expelled dozens of times.
    Instead of a video yearbook, he creates a dating video and essentially pimps out the girls of Bayside. He lies about being Jewish and says he needs to miss school for Rosh Hashanah but instead attends a Dodgers game. He photographs the girls' swim team without their consent and sells the pictures as a calendar. I could go on but needless to say, he really should have been expelled.
  2. Jeff dating Kelly was disgusting and if they had sex, it should be considered statutory rape.
    She was 15/16 and he was her manager. He used his position of power to take advantage of her and no one should have stood by and let that happen.
  3. Kelly probably didn't get very far in life. Due to her being one of seven kids, odds are her parents couldn't afford to send her to a "good" school.
    Not saying one must have a college degree to "get far", it just tends to help. She was beautiful in high school and oftentimes, her ditziness was forgiven due to that. Unless she remained that gorgeous through adulthood, I doubt she was given that pass as often.
  4. Jessie was a feminist and was disrespected because of it.
    A horrible message to send. I remember thinking Jessie was shrill and boys were less likely to want to date her because she stuck up for herself. I wanted to be more like Kelly and now I see the grave problem with that.
  5. Screech was bullied, even by his "best" friends.
    Yeah, he was annoying as shit but that's no reason to treat him like human garbage.
  6. Kelly would have been sent home from school for inappropriate clothing.
    Midriff showing, spaghetti straps, tiny skirts. I went to a public school and that shit would have never flown.
  7. Slater would have been banging every girl possible.
    He was tall, dark and handsome with that killer body. Plus he was an Army brat and was a transfer to Bayside so he had a certain mystery about him. Slater would have SLAMMED ass in high school.
  8. Mr. Belding would have been reported by at least one of the kid's parents for inappropriate behavior.
    He legitimately went to Zack's house once to hang out because he had nowhere else to go. He also wrestled Slater in the school hallway. Also HE GAVE THE KEYS OF HIS CAR TO HIS STUDENTS.