My brother (28), sister (12) , and I (26) are at Disneyland for two days without my mom. Within 10 minutes, they had turned me into her.
  1. They will inexplicably hand me their passes once we're in the park.
    The 12 year old, fine, I get it. But the 28 year old?! YOU CAN HOLD THIS YOURSELF, EDDIE!
  2. They hand me their souvenirs to hold and carry after they have bought them.
    My mom used to always go "I'm not a pack mule!!!" when we were kids at Disney World and we would just laugh it off. Yesterday, without even thinking of it, I said this to them and a chill passed through my body.
  3. They ask me questions I couldn't possibly answer off the top of my head.
    "Where are we going to sit during Fantasmic?" "Does the new Cars ride have any drops?" "Does that gift shop have phone cases??"
  4. They have made the 4 minutes I'm alone in the bathroom feel like an hour long respite.
  5. The minute we stepped into the park, they handed me the map and have refused to look at one since.
    "I think you took us the wrong way. I don't see The Haunted Mansion." "Well, I don't see anyone else pulling out a map to help me SO DON'T BLAME ME WHEN WE GET LOST." Classic Mom.
  6. They ask me to set the alarms in the morning and "wake them up".
  7. I'm all of a sudden responsible for reminding everyone to put on sunscreen, drink water, and finding the nearest bathrooms.
  8. So all in all, I guess when siblings get together someone has to assume the mother role and this is my destiny and worst nightmare.
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