1. This is Ben.
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    We have been best friends since 2005. I was IN LOVE with him from 2005-2007. I think this picture is from 2006?
  2. Ben's best friend is Mike.
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    They have been best friends since they were in 2nd grade. I've never known one without the other.
  3. My best friend is Kerri.
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    We became best friends in 2003 and everyone says this, but I would be 100% lost without her. She came into my life right after my dad died. I don't know if God exists, but I know that she was sent to me in a time when I needed it most.
  4. I saw Ben one of the first days of showchoir when he was a freshman. I immediately decided I needed him in my life. We became fast friends.
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  5. I invite Ben and Mike (who were a year younger than me) to my sweet 16 birthday party. They were nervous about coming because they didn't really know the rest of my friends.
    In the car on the way to Laser Tag (yup), Kerri asks Mike if she can feel his six pack. She has a boyfriend at the time, so it was harmless.
  6. At some point during my junior year of high school, Ben and I decided that we should probably start secretly making out all the time.
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  7. We wanted to start hanging out more, but we didn't really want to clue our friends into why.
  8. One night, Kerri, Mike, Ben, and I go and see a movie. It goes really well and we all have fun.
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    Very cool picture of Mike and I from that night.
  9. After the movie, Ben and I talk on the phone and decide to concoct a plan: I will tell Kerri that Ben told me that Mike had a crush on her. Ben will tell Mike the same but with me and Kerri.
  10. Both of them are extremely confused but intrigued. They had Algebra together and a few days later, Mike brought Kerri a Snickers bar and silently put it on her desk.
  11. And BAM. They start seriously dating.
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  12. We all go to prom together.
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  13. Prom pt. 2
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  14. Mike and Kerri fall in love HARD. Hard enough that we all make fun of them because we were in high school and stupid.
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    I like(d) making myself a serious part of their relationship.
  15. Seriously.
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  16. Eventually, Ben and I stop making out. I begin dating Mike and Ben's other best friend, Chris....for 6 years.
    Ben gets a girlfriend, and then a new one, and then another new one... Boyfriend hasn't been truly single since he was 17.
  17. Meanwhile, Mike and Kerri become even more serious. They do long distance for 5 years while going to separate colleges.
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  18. But we all manage to still get together during college.
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  19. After college, Mike and Kerri move to Boston together. I move to LA. Ben moves to NYC.
  20. I get a call one afternoon from Mike. He tells me that he's going to propose to Kerri soon. We talk for an hour. He tells me that Ben is the only other one of our friends to know so then Ben and I talk on the phone for an hour.
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  21. A year and a half later...
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  22. Ben and I were Best Man and Maid of Honor.
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  23. We used our toasts mostly to brag about the fact that none of this would have happened without us.
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  24. We were fan-fucking-tastic.
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  25. 2ish years later...I'm swimming laps and Kerri Facetimes me and tells me to call her back as soon as possible...
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    Once again, for a while Ben and I were the only ones who knew. BUT NOW I CAN FINALLY TELL PEOPLE.
  27. a way...we totally made a baby.
  28. I have every intention of telling that child every day that he/she owes Uncle Ben and Aunt Hollis EVERYTHING.
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  29. BONUS: here is Ben with me and my little sister at his senior prom. Carys had a huge crush on Ben and wanted to wear her fanciest dress to see him.
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  30. Ben still lives in New York so I'll get to see him for a month while I'm there. We are VERY excited. He's already concocting ways to keep me there.