1. When I'm driving on the 405 into the Valley at night and it's all lit up and beautiful.
    All of my closest friends in LA live in the Valley and it makes me so happy to know that they're all tucked in safe and sound down there. I always tell people that if I ever say I'm disenchanted with LA, just take me on a 4 am drive and show me those lights.
  2. When I make my little sister laugh.
    She's 12 now and really makes me earn them.
  3. When @mia and I drive around listening to show tunes.
    "This one is just...beyond." "But do you hear how clear his voice is?" "I can't hit that note." "No one sounds better than we do singing [insert duet]."
  4. Sitting on Chris's couch drinking beer and watching TV and then BAM! He surprises me with a pack of peanut m&ms.
  5. When someone says "I had a dream about you!" and then proceeds to tell me every detail about said dream.
    Don't say I was in your dream and then not tell me what happened!
  6. When I'm group texting with my brother and 2 cousins and everyone rips on me.
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    We essentially grew up as 4 siblings and I miss them all so much. Their burns on me are like tiny, little text hugs.
  7. One more text just to show how much they love me...
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  8. The day before a vacation.
    The anticipation! Last minute packing! The general feeling of "I'll just deal with this when I get back"! I'm still chasing that day-before-Christmas-vacation-in-elementary-school high.