1. Can make her teenage children begrudgingly laugh when they're acting angsty
    My mom was a pro at this. It was simultaneously the best and most frustrating thing in the world.
  2. Prepares dope ass lunches
    My mom was the "here's $30 for the week" type. My best friend's mom would make these amazing sandwiches on ciabatta bread and I was always secretly jealous.
  3. Let's her children decide how much religion will play into their lives
    I was raised Lutheran and it is what it is. Going to church was never a question in my family. My mom is the children's choir director for our church and she loves it. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, he became much more invested in religion and it gave him a lot of comfort. Because it was forced onto me and I was never allowed to question it, I'm dealing with a ton of conflicted guilt and feelings now and I don't want my future kids to have to go through this.
  4. Let's her kids cut their hair however and whenever they want
    My mom did this and it made me feel like I had control over something in my young life.
  5. Is one step ahead of her teenagers
    My dad was driving me to a friend's house to get ready for an 8th grade dance and I was wearing a short sleeve Bebe top. However, I had packed a backpack with make-up and hair stuff and had hidden a halter top in the bottom and had every intention of actually wearing that to the dance. told my Dad I was gonna wear what I was already wearing and he goes "okay, then you have no problem handing me that halter top you have hiding in your bag." HOW DID HE KNOW?!
  6. Dresses her young son a little punky
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    This is a bit extreme but CAN YOU EVEN
  7. But also maybe dresses him like this
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  8. Drags her children to each other's sports games and performances
    I went to so many fucking baseball games as a kid and I hated it. I would bring stacks of books to read and attempt to ignore the game. My brother was dragged to every show, recital, and musical I was ever in. We both outwardly hated it, but deep down, I was always most excited to see him in the audience.
  9. Blow dries her daughter's hair every night after her bath
    My mom would spend what felt like hours drying my hair and I would sit and read books about dogs and the Babysitter's Club. I loved how gently she brushed my hair and I always felt so beautiful when she was done.
  10. Surprises her kids with a puppy on Christmas morning
    This happened to us and it was as amazing as every movie/commercial/Hallmark card will have you believe.