1. Mattifying make-up primer
    Oily skin say yeeeeeaaaaahhhh
  2. Pearl from RuPaul's Drag Race
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  3. Coffee
  4. Boys with tattoos
  5. The writing of Nick Hornby
  6. Rapping instead of singing at karaoke bars
  7. Doctors
    Sick for more than 2 days? To the doctor I go!!!
  8. Dogs
    It's only a good day if I get to pet a dog
  9. Sleeping at inconsiderate times
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    At a friend's wedding reception!
  10. Ventura Blvd.
  11. Old Spice Fresh deodorant
  12. Fall Out Boy
  13. Being the most liberal member of the family
  14. Spotify premium
  15. Disney Channel original movie "Luck of the Irish"
  16. Dark nail polish only
  17. PBR
  18. Moussaka
  19. Defriending people who post negative shit about Caitlyn Jenner
    Someone said "oh so you're intolerant of those you deem intolerant?" And I was like YUP BYYYEEE
  20. Stay by Lisa Loeb
  21. Still being pissed Steve Carell didn't win an Emmy
  22. Sleeping in until 11 am
  23. Looking at Mad Max theories on tumblr
  24. The Bugle podcast
  25. Googling Blue Heeler puppies
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