This is super long. I didn't realize I cared so much (kidding).
  1. She's an opera singer and late in life teacher.
    "No one wants to hire a 40 year old ingenue" is what she says. She's been an opera singer since she was 14. My grandma saw my mom as "the chosen one" and basically ignored her other two children to make my mom a star. She went to Julliard and the Manhattan Conservatory. She toured throughout Europe and was offered a permanent position in an opera house in Austria but turned it down to raise my brother and I.
  2. She's the strongest woman I know
    When my Dad married my step-mom, they decided that they wanted full custody of my brother and I. My step-mom (a fucking bitch and a little person) tried to argue that my mom wouldn't be as good of a mother to us because she was average height. She was unmarried at the time and they tried to paint her as unfit. She fought every day to make sure she kept joint custody of us. She was a single mother for years but it never felt "less than".
  3. She's a feminist
    She sued her boss for sexual harassment in the 90s and won. He was a millionaire and threatened her but she flipped him a very nicely manicured middle finger. When I was in middle school, I told her that I didn't think I'd live to see a female president and she cried because she thought if I believed that, she failed as a parent.
  4. She really embraced the 90s.
  5. She singlehandedly took us to Disney World 21 times.
    Due to the sexual harassment lawsuit, we were very fortunate to grow up very comfortably. She loves Disney World. She doesn't ride many rides but it's more about the experience. Disney World was the only place my brother and I wouldn't fight so maybe it was more about that.
  6. She's the strongest woman I know pt. 2.
    In 2002, my step-dad lost his job and we lost a lot of our money in the stock market. We went from living very comfortably to essentially being broke. My mom pulled up her bootstraps and started working two jobs to make sure we could stay in a semblance of the life we knew before. She still managed to take us to Disney World.
  7. We used to (and still sometimes) fight CONSTANTLY.
    We're incredibly similar and that causes a bit of discourse. In high school, I basically told her to fuck right off and spent the next 4 years screaming at her. Our relationship got better once I went to college and now that I live in LA, it's the best it's ever been.
  8. I've inherited her best and her worst traits.
    She has the biggest heart and the driest sense of humor. Flip side of the coin: she's spontaneous and irresponsible. She'll do things that make us happy in the moment (surprise vacation) without thinking of the consequences (should probably use that money to pay bills).
  9. She's a hypochondriac.
    I called her at 5 am the other day because my cramps were so bad that I couldn't stop crying. She answered the phone and all I said was "my stomach hurts!" and without missing a beat she goes "Hollis, go to the hospital. Now. Call an ambulance if you have to."
  10. When I got a tattoo, she did not take it well and she cried.
    She spent the night alone in her dark bedroom and said "she didn't know me anymore". It was a really strange reaction. Now she calls me her little sailor daughter with "the tattoos and the drinking and the swearing".
  11. She really embraces dressing like a "mom".
  12. She loves animals. No like really, LOVES them.
    Growing up, we had two dogs. I'm allergic to cats and that always really bummed her out. When I was a sophomore in college, she and my sister found a stray cat and brought her home. She ended up being pregnant and gave birth to two little kitties. The momma cat was hit by a car and it was devastating. A few years later, my mom found 2 more stray kittens in our neighbor's yard. In total, she now has 4 cats and 3 dogs.
  13. She's never made me feel like I'm wasting my time trying to be an actress.
    Probably because she knows what it's like. The other day she said to me "I've never worried about your career. I know you'll make it." It was a little throwaway comment but it meant a lot to me to have that unfailing support.