1. This is my current phone lock screen. The facial expression, the pose...I love it all.
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  2. Clearly, he was living his selfie truth that day.
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  3. Smile, bb!!
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  4. Lovin' this jacket!
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  5. I saw a tweet that said Tom Hardy is basically a pretty pit bull come to life.
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  6. Loves pointing
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  7. Speaking of pit bulls...
  8. Now, an insane amount of selfies that Tom Hardy took with dogs.
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  9. We're just getting started...
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  10. To be that puppy....
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  12. Bad 2 the bone.
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  13. Ugh, you have no business being this adorable.
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  14. Just chillin'
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  15. Hey puppy, look a little more excited plz
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  16. He is clearly just so happy to be around dogs all the time.
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  17. So happy.
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  18. Cannot convey how much this man likes dogs.
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  19. No double chins here!
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  20. Dawgs
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  21. Ugh, enough already.
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  22. AND DONE.
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