1. If you're a fan, be prepared to cry.
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    The first Harry Potter book came out when I was 7 and the last when I was 18. These books, movies, and all around culture were my childhood so they mean quite a bit to me. When we rounded the corner of the park and I saw Hogwarts for the first time, I lost it. Completely lost it. This thing that had only been in my head was real and I could go inside and explore. Better than I imagined. And I was so happy, I didn't care that park workers were asking my Mom if I was "okay".
  2. Take your time
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    Everyone says things like "oh, you can get through all of Harry Potter World in half a day" and you can. But if you put a time limit on yourself, you're going to miss all the little cares and details they have put into the park. For example, this billboard is in the 6th movie and they have it in the park. But if you're rushing to get from place to place, you may miss it. If you just accept that you're going to be there for a while, the entire thing becomes more enjoyable & much less stressful.
  3. Don't bother inquiring about renting #12 Grimmauld Place
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    I made this joke to like 6 employees and 2 laughed. And even then, they were pity laughs
  4. Be prepared to spend money
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    Butterbeer, candy, ice cream, real beer, wands, trinkets, wizard robes...
  5. Be prepared to cry a few more times
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    It's just so charming. Everything you've imagined, just right in front of you. I don't know how show creators/writers don't just cry all the time, all around set when their works come to life.
  6. Try the Earl Grey and Lavender ice cream at Florean Fortescue's.
    It was divine. It will become one of the few foods I dream about.
  7. Take every opportunity you can to explain to tourists that Slytherin wasn't the "evil" house; bad wizards just happen to come from it.
    I did this twice in line and it was lukewarmly received but I feel like people should know!!!
  8. Be patient
    It gets super crowded and people, in general, are idiots. A couple was in front of me in line and they kept calling Hermione "Harriet Gringott". At first, I got real mad. Why were they here, let alone in front of me in line?!!? Get outta here, muggles! But I took a deep breath and just decided to let it all go because I was happy and I would never have to see them again.
  9. Find the hot Stan Shunpike and give him my number
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    We talked for like 10 minutes and I didn't do it and wish I had.
  10. Have fun and have the best time and read all the books and watch all the movies and then I can berate you with questions about it!