1. They hate me. They all hate me. Everyone. They're talking about me and they hate me. My body hates me. My emotions hate me. I'M BURNING THIS CITY DOWN.
  2. I am woman and from my body comes life! WORSHIP ME AND MY SISTERS.
    This isn't so irrational.
  3. I think I could really pull off shaving the side of my head.
  4. I should have a baby!
  5. I should adopt a dog!
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    Actually followed through on this one.
  6. Why does no one feel bad for the Baroness in The Sound of Music?
  7. I love my body!
  8. I hate my body!
  9. Does Beyoncé have to deal with this? Does Meryl? I guess Meryl probably not anymore, that lucky bitc---queen. Margaret Thatcher was probably a terror during this time.