This merely scratches the surface.
  1. A cookie that just said "Birdman"
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  2. A replica of the necklace Dean wears on Supernatural
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  3. A replica Rose from Titanic outfit.
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    Okay, I didn't buy this, my mom did but STILL GREAT
  4. Men's Doctor Who briefs
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  5. Two different Doctor Who necklaces
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  6. 2 bottles of the fake True Blood
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  7. This J. Lo shirt I saved up to buy in 7th grade
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  8. A Legends of the Hidden Temple coaster and a TARDIS mug
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  9. I didn't actually buy these but came very close. Dragon eggs from Game of Thrones.
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  10. Game of Thrones beer
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  11. Gryffindor tie, Hermione wand, Marauder's Map, Pygmy puff
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  12. A Mickey R2D2 hat
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  13. A sonic screwdriver
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  14. This simple picture of Quentin Tarantino to watch over my old kitchen
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