1. Ok, starting with the cover, not bad, very wispy and fun.
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  2. Using her hand to push the hair further into her face
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  3. "Can I get a bobby pin?" she thought wistfully.
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  4. No eyes, but don't worry! Hair still in the face!
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  5. Looks like this poor girl's hair got stuck in her lipgloss. We all been there, bb!
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  6. Very pretty, would love to see her other eye!
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  7. Not stopping yet!
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  8. No hairspray at J.Crew photoshoots
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  9. Going to the beach, gonna let my hair down!
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  10. Will I ever not have hair in my face?
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  11. Not anytime soon!
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  12. And the only betch that escapes it...
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