Listen, I've watched each one of these multiple times for....research. Yeah...research.
  1. Cry Me a River
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    THE SHADE OF IT ALL!!! The mystery of whether or not he's talking about Britney Spears (he is). The weird lip lick thing he does at 3:08. Gold. It's all gold.
  2. TKO
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    FIRST OFF, Jussie has never looked better. Second of all, the girl in this video gets revenge (for what? That's not for us to know) by hitting Justin in the head with a frying pan and then TYING HIM TO THE BACK OF A PICKUP TRUCK AND THEN DRAGS HIM OVER A CLIFF. Plus a hot sex scene. A+++++ all around.
  3. Señorita
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    Just JT having some classic JT fun with Pharrell in the background. Get outta here with that armband though, bb.
  4. What Goes Around...Comes Around
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    Is that Justin Timberlake or Jay Gatsby?! ScarJo costars as his cheating gf and ends up dying in a car crash ?? I'm sensing a pattern of infidelity and car issues.
  5. Suit & Tie
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    Do you oft wonder what it would be like to hang out with Jay-Z and JT? Well, wonder no longer! Buckle in for half-naked girls, cigars, alcohol, and Justin Timberlake dancing around while Jay just kind of chills. JT wears a suit(tux?) the whole time (obvi) and it looks GOOD.
  6. Like I Love You
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    Did you know it was illegal for Justin Timberlake to not wear a douchey hat from 2001-2010? Google it.
  7. Sexyback
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    This video is trying to be a spy thriller with disco balls? Whatever.
  8. Mirrors
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    This video would have been ranked much higher if it wasn't for the weird, creepy American Apparel mannequin rejects flailing in the back.
  9. Tunnel Vision
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    This video is literally just naked girls dancing around while Justin is projected on screens behind them and on their bodies. NEXT.
  10. Rock Your Body
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