Sorry I've made a million lists today! He just joined ListApp and he's my best friend and the greatest man (who is not my Grandpa) that I've ever known. Feel free to follow @nicklaban
  1. Nick and I met freshman year of college when we were in a production of "The Tempest".
    I played "Gonzalla" the counselor to the Queen (we gender-swapped) and Nick played a Boatswain. We didn't talk a lot but I did take that adorable picture of him.
  2. But we truly bonded when he was the music director for a production of "Hair" that I was in.
    Here we are fighting over peanut butter brownies.
  3. Then, we bonded instantly.
    He came out to our group of friends that Fall and proceeded to DEVASTATE many girls in our class.
  4. Thus began the greatest love affair I have ever known.
  5. I have never met someone so hilarious and fantastic. Here we are re-creating the scene in "The Hunger Games" when Katniss discovers a camouflaged Peeta during the games.
  6. Here we are re-creating The Golden Girls.
  7. And Black Swan.
  8. He is an incredibly talented pianist. We used to have "sing alongs" where he and I would sit in a tiny room with a piano and sing musical theatre until our hearts were content.
  9. He called me "temptress" in college because I would convince him to ditch homework and have a dance party/alcohol with me.
  10. We talk on the phone at least 4x a week. He is the only person I 100% openly talk with about sex but most of the time, we end up dissecting every episode of 30 Rock or discussing musical theatre.
  11. One time, he dressed up as Nick Jonas just to serenade me.
  12. Look how handsome and grown up he is now!
  13. I miss him so much every day that it breaks my heart a little bit.
  14. You'll never find anyone better.