Sorry I've made a million lists today! He just joined ListApp and he's my best friend and the greatest man (who is not my Grandpa) that I've ever known. Feel free to follow @nicklaban
  1. Nick and I met freshman year of college when we were in a production of "The Tempest".
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    I played "Gonzalla" the counselor to the Queen (we gender-swapped) and Nick played a Boatswain. We didn't talk a lot but I did take that adorable picture of him.
  2. But we truly bonded when he was the music director for a production of "Hair" that I was in.
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    Here we are fighting over peanut butter brownies.
  3. Then, we bonded instantly.
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    He came out to our group of friends that Fall and proceeded to DEVASTATE many girls in our class.
  4. Thus began the greatest love affair I have ever known.
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  5. I have never met someone so hilarious and fantastic. Here we are re-creating the scene in "The Hunger Games" when Katniss discovers a camouflaged Peeta during the games.
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  6. Here we are re-creating The Golden Girls.
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  7. And Black Swan.
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  8. He is an incredibly talented pianist. We used to have "sing alongs" where he and I would sit in a tiny room with a piano and sing musical theatre until our hearts were content.
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  9. He called me "temptress" in college because I would convince him to ditch homework and have a dance party/alcohol with me.
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  10. We talk on the phone at least 4x a week. He is the only person I 100% openly talk with about sex but most of the time, we end up dissecting every episode of 30 Rock or discussing musical theatre.
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  11. One time, he dressed up as Nick Jonas just to serenade me.
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  12. Look how handsome and grown up he is now!
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  13. I miss him so much every day that it breaks my heart a little bit.
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  14. You'll never find anyone better.
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