1. Meet ups like this are weird for me because I am HORRIBLE at remembering names and faces. I'm sorry. I know that I should really make more of an effort and not be dumb. But people tend to remember me (easy when you're 4'2) and I don't return the favor. You all look the same to me.
    Kidding!!! Very grateful for nametags!!! So off the bat, I am very sorry if I didn't come up and say something. Odds are I was way too nervous and didn't want to say "nice to meet you!" And you're like "bitch, we've met before!"
  2. This happened at the end of the night, but I feel like this picture needs to kick off this list.
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  3. Greeted by @bjnovak and @sophia.
    VERY GRATEFUL to have immediately spotted Beej. I love events like these but no matter how excited I am, I always get crazy anxiety beforehand. Will I find the group I'm looking for or will I wander around the bar like a fool? What if I find the group but everyone is in the middle of a conversation and I interrupt like an idiot??
  4. @sophia IMMEDIATELY brings me to @Meatball and we meet and hug and I'm enamored.
  5. I find @Grosstastic and @MissBicks and they were both so adorable that I couldn't handle it. I meet @jeremysomething and we bond over our love of drag queens.
    A recurring theme throughout the night.
  6. I meet @lilydiamond and she had such beautiful red hair. I couldn't stop looking at it.
  7. @fisackerly was out quickly.
    I like when he gets to events first because then I can text him and ask stupid questions like "is it crowded?" "Who is there?" "Where do I park?"
  8. @dev and I had a really lovely conversation about life and the app and other such things.
    Last meet up, we only talked for like 120 seconds so this was really nice!!
  9. @carey is in LA! She grabbed me first and we hugged and commiserated over how overwhelming these things can be.
  10. @Nicholas and @carolinek joined after attending a wedding and looked so snazzy!
    Caroline teaches Halley and I about a website where you can rent $2000 dresses for $100. Our lives are changed.
  11. @mandi and @magdalenam and I sit and discuss eggplants and the male species. 🍆🍆🍆
  12. Finally, @Grosstastic and I sit @Meatball down. We share opinions on RuPaul's Drag Race, The Eagle, and hot teenagers. Halley and I truly cannot wait to come see you perform @Meatball!!!
  13. Doing our best Lily Rose Depp.
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  14. I'm sorry if I forgot to mention anyone on this or didn't say hi to anyone!! LET'S HANG OUT MORE.