My apologies to Hawkeye.
  1. Captain America/Baby Spice
    This one seems obvious. Both are known for their big hearts, compassion and lovely blonde locks. I would say that they'd probably have beautiful, cherubic babies but they're both so sweet that they'd probably end up just adopting every orphan in the world.
  2. Iron Man/Posh Spice
    Sleek, witty, eyes that could pierce your I describing Posh or Tony?! It could go either way! Posh wouldn't date just anyone and neither would Tony. They both have high standards for not only their looks, but their lives. Can you imagine the two of them rolling up to a red carpet together?! I'm already swooning/seething with jealousy.
  3. Black Widow/Sporty Spice
    I'm sorry, but if you don't get a strong, STRONG lez vibe from Sporty Spice then you're either an idiot or....that's it. That's the only reason. I feel like Black Wids would be the only Avenger who could give Sporty the kind of loving competition that she craves. Plus, I would ABSOLUTELY buy that sex tape.
  4. Hulk/Ginger Spice
    The most sexually promiscuous of the Spice Girls, Ginger would be the only one up to the task of taming the Hulk. I would also argue that after Baby, Ginger has the most sensitive side so Banner would probably also be into that. ALSO: Ginger quit the Spice Girls...Banner sequestered himself in India...they're made for each other.
  5. Thor/Scary Spice
    The loudest in each of their respective groups, I feel like Scary and Thor would spend most of their relationship just yelling happily at one another. Scary could also wear her giant, platform shoes and she still wouldn't tower over him. They'd probably spend Saturday nights throwing coffee mugs on the ground and styling one another's hair.