1. I'm missing a knuckle or its small or something in my right hand. It's the ring finger one. I can basically dislocate my finger and make it look like rubber. I'll show you the next time we're in person.
  2. Speaking of, my "ring" toe on both my feet is tiny and weird. It looks like my feet were made too fast and someone just shoved the fourth toe on. I don't like it.
    IT'S SO WEIRD! Also, all of the grips were laughing at me when I took this picture.
  3. I only have 70% hearing in my right ear. It's gotten worse as I've gotten older and I'm worried it's going to continue that way.
    Also could partly explain why I'm so loud.
  4. I'm 26 and my left knee will hurt the day before it rains.
    I discovered this at midnight on my 26th birthday after lamenting about how old I'm getting. It did not help my case.
  5. I snore. Everyone who has slept in the same room as me has told me that I stop breathing at night but when I was tested for sleep apnea, they said I didn't have it.
  6. My ENT says I have a deviated septum but I'm worried about getting it fixed. I don't want a nose job.
  7. I have a tilted uterus. No clue what that means.
  8. I grind my teeth at night and now, I've started doing it during the day too.
  9. Kidney stones! I've had 'em! 3 times!