1. Brendon Urie
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    Look at him!!
  2. Matt Bomer
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    Looks luxurious. 10/10.
  3. Bradley Cooper
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    B Coop would be my #1 man if he kept his hair long all the time.
  4. Matt Smith
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    Probably the softest
  5. Brendon Urie, again
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  6. Liam Hemsworth
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    So pretty
  7. Taylor Kitsch
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    It'd absolutely be greasy but I DON'T CARE!
  8. Zayn Malik
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    The only direction
  9. Josh Hartnett
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    Bet you forgot about him, didn't ya!!!
  10. Did I mention Brendon Urie?
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  11. Patrick Dempsey
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    I mean how could you resist?!
    Suggested by @sally
  12. Mark Ruffalo.
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    Suggested by @caffrin
  13. Jared Leto
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    Some might call him "best in show."
    Suggested by @SGGinNYC
  14. David Gandy
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    Suggested by @TT