1. Was on my way to get some coffee when...
  2. Crunch!
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  3. Pow!
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  4. Yikes!
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    My head slams either into the steering wheel or window really hard. I can't remember exactly where it hit.
  5. This was the other guy's car. He's 22 and just moved to LA and it was 110% his fault. He kept laughing? I think he was really nervous. I assured him that it's pretty much a rite of passage in LA.
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  6. AAA came and towed my car. I cried in the front seat of the tow truck cause the driver told me I didn't handle the situation well ???
  7. I take it to the body shop where the owner and the tow truck guy talk about me? I have no idea what they're saying because my mom had called me 7 times in a row.
    Don't ever just text your mom "Car accident. I'm fine."
  8. They say that they'll have more information for me tomorrow. My head starts to really hurt and I call my friend/sometimes more than person Chris to come and get me and take me home.
  9. I throw up in the body shop bathroom. Very embarrassing.
  10. Chris arrives on scene and due to throw up/immense head pain decides to take me to the hospital instead of home.
  11. They take my information at ER and Chris comes into the room with me. He finds out when my last period was which still embarrasses me even though I'm 26 and should be over things like that.
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  12. Currently, waiting in ER waiting room for CAT scan. I'm apparently slurring my words a bit and repeating myself. Chris went out to get food for us and I'm making this list so I don't fall asleep.
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