1. Number of episodes deep: 6
  2. Number of times I've cried: 3
  3. Number of times those tears were caused by Tim Riggins: 3
  4. Every guy I've talked to about the show really likes Landry.
  5. Every girl likes Connie Britton.
  6. I can't tell if I want Coach Taylor to be my husband or my father. Lotta thoughts.
  7. I DO NOT like this Voodoo guy. He sounds like a Bachelor contestant. "I'm not here to make friends....I'm here to get noticed."
  8. Are there FNL soundtracks available?
  9. GOD DAMN I love Tim Riggins.
  10. They just said "Git R Done" and I didn't gag. Big testament to this show.
  11. Landry sits with Saracen's Grandma during the games and that is just precious.
    End it, Jason. End it now.
  13. Reyes is being a real piece of shit, isn't he?
  14. Tammy Taylor is so perfect that it hurts.
  15. Also, I think Jason got more attractive while in the hospital ???
  16. Landry standing up to Reyes. Fuck. Yes.
  17. I would be okay if Riggins hair was *slightly* less greasy.
  18. Jason looking out the rehab window. RUH ROH.