1. Phantom of the Opera, birth-5th grade
    My mom is a professional opera singer and "Think of Me" is her main jam (despite that it's musical theatre). I remember blaring this cassette in my boombox in my bedroom and my heart just breaking for the tall, dark, mysterious Phantom. Granted, he goes FULL OUT psycho, but I didn't understand/care. I still get chills when he sings "Christine, I loooove youuuuu".
  2. Tony, West Side Story, Middle School
    In middle school, I had a crush on a boy named Jake Mandel. Jake & I used to do plays/musicals together. We were performing scenes from WSS and I became GREATLY affected by the Tony/Maria love story. I felt it paralleled Jake and I. He was a "popular" kid and I wasn't in that crowd (I WASNT A DORK THO); but we came together in the theatre. I wrote an entire diary entry about how Jake was like Tony and I was like Maria. It was...reaching. But saying I loved Tony was my way of saying I loved Jake.
  3. Fiyero, Wicked, freshman/sophomore year of HS
    To this day, I still maintain that Norbert Leo Butz (original Fiyero) has the best voice of anyone in the entire world. Fiyero is the ultimate boy to be in love with at 15/16. He's the cool, cocky jock who ends up rejecting the perky blonde and falling for the quiet, shy, weird looking girl. SWOON.
  4. Roger, Rent, junior/senior year HS
    Ah, my rebellious years. Roger was soulful, sensitive, and angry. The perfect combination for a girl who lied about curfew and secretly smoked cigarettes in her backyard (without really inhaling). He lived in New York City and didn't care about the man or paying his rent! I didn't care either! We were both artists and I'm the only one who understood his passion!!
  5. Claude, Hair, college
    I was in a production of Hair in college and boy, did I fall for Claude HARD. Still coming off of my rebellious years, Claude was similar to Roger but he didn't hate the world! He loved it! And thought everyone should love each other! He just hated the government! Give peace a chance! To be fair, this show did help me shy away from my suburban bubble and realize maybe my super-conservative step-mom was pretty wrong about everything.
  6. Jaime, The Last Five Years, post-college to present
    Once again, a role originated by Norbert Leo Butz, Jaime is like the grown up version of Fiyero, but not as nice. A passionate, Jewish writer, Jaime sings songs about Shiksas, falling in love, supporting the girl he loves, and then cheating on the girl he loves. It's all very complicated and sad and beautiful as I have found most of my post-college/present relationships to be.
  7. Bobby, Company, present present
    If you are single and in your late twenties/early thirties, might I recommend you listen to Company? Bobby is a proverbial bachelor who has to put up with his married friends constantly trying to set him up. But Bobby doesn't believe in love! He's happy as he is! So unattainable. But I could change him! Right? Right! Right up my alley!