1. Jean Ralphio Saperstein
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  2. Joan Callamezzo
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  3. Jen Barkley
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  4. Perd Hapley
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  5. Tammy II
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  6. Bobby Newport
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  7. Orin
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  8. Jeremy Jamm
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  9. Crazy Ira and the Douche
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  10. Dennis Feinstein
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  11. Animal Control
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  12. Ethel Beavers
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  13. This guy who lost his bird
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  14. Gayle Gergich
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  15. Guy who always starts the chants at city council meetings.
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  16. Liam Bonneville, the resident bad boy of the National Parks Service
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  17. Kyle
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  18. Tammy I
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  19. Councilman Howser
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  20. Marlene Griggs Knope
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  21. Brandi Maxx
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  22. German Muffin lady
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    Suggested by @fisackerly
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    Suggested by @fisackerly
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    Suggested by @fisackerly