My pitch for a 2016 episode of The Office about the 2016 election.

  1. The discussion starts because Michael Scott gets scared that Trump is going to try and deport Oscar.
    One on one meeting with the two of them in Michael's office. Michael tells Oscar he will be his Harriet Tubman if Trump comes looking.
  2. Kevin tries to find part-time work as a Ted Cruz look-a-like. Hasn't realized that the moment has passed.
  3. Kelly wears an "I'm With Her" t-shirt the entire episode and gets into a fight with Angela about Hillary.
  4. Angela says something about how she respects that Hillary stood by Bill but now she's gone too far.
    "I liked when she just wore headbands...but now with the bright pantsuits and everything..."
  5. Dwight is offended when people think he would be voting for Trump. Says he can't respect him as a businessman. In fact, Dwight refuses to vote.
  6. Ryan says he's going to write-in vote for Edward Snowden.
    Sorry @bjnovak
  7. Jim and Pam stay relatively quiet until Jim says he's not sure if he trusts Hillary and Pam takes offense as a woman.
    Jim wants Bernie but Pam doesn't think he's being realistic.
  8. Creed compares Trump to Hitler. Talks about how he was there for it. Flashes a Canadian passport and says something about already leaving.
  9. Andy calls himself a "feminist" and insists on wearing an "I'm With Her" t-shirt too. Works overly hard to convince people he's not a Republican.
  10. Meredith wants Trump. Calls him sexy. Michael says he wants to vomit.
  11. The episode ends with Michael saying if Trump builds a wall, he's going to buy a bunch of rope to let people climb the wall. "Besides, where would we get tacos without them? That's not a world I want to live in".
    Well meaning but so offensive.