Not ranked.
  1. Camp-Childish Gambino
  2. The Last Five Years-Original Broadway Cast
    Norbert Leo Butz's voice sounds like what I assume sex at Disney World on top of a pile of money feels like.
  3. Save Rock and Roll-Fall Out Boy
    Had a hard time choosing between this and "From Under the Cork Tree" but I listen to this FAR more often.
  4. Watch The Throne-Kanye West & Jay-Z
    Aziz Ansari once tweeted "No, I'd rather not listen to 'N*ggas in Paris right now.' -PERSON I NEVER WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH" and that's how I feel.
  5. Beyoncé-Beyoncé
    I not only drink the Bey Kool Aid, I'm the one ladling it out at the front of the line.
  6. Milo Goes to College-The Descendents
  7. Wicked-Original Broadway Cast
    I'm a basic bitch.
  8. Yeezus-Kanye West
    Honestly, I would take an entire album of "I Am A God" and "Bound 2" on repeat.
  9. Spiceworld- Spice Girls
  10. The Stranger-Billy Joel
    Two kinds of people...Billy Joel fans and LOSERS.