1. Hope
    My mom wanted my name to "really mean something".
  2. Faith
    Again, Mom was suuuuuper into names that basically meant you loved the Lord without being too on-the-nose biblical. I was VERY into this idea circa 1999 when Faith Hill had a much larger stock in my life. Agnostic Hollis is relieved this didn't win out.
  3. Joy
    I was also VERY into this circa 1996-2000 because if I was named Joy then you could nickname me "Jo" and it would be like Jo from Little Women. I berated my Mom during those years for not going with this one.
  4. Rees
    Pre-Witherspoon. Rees is my Mom's maiden name. I really like it as a first name but I'm grateful it's not mine because it would be an endless parade of "Oh, like Witherspoon???"
  5. Paul
    There's a Greek tradition that dictates parents name their first born son after the child's paternal grandfather and then the second after the maternal grandfather. Well, my parents said "fuuuuuuck that!" and named my brother "Edward" after my Dad's grandfather who's name was "Edward" or "Epaminondas". They considered naming me "Paul" after my Greek paternal Grandfather to kind of right their wrong, but alas.
  6. Nathaniel
    Totally down with this one. I would have been named after one of our ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War. His gravestone legit says "Fought alongside and remained friends with George Washington". OL'NATE WAS A BIG NAME DROPPER. My grandma on my Mom's side is basically Emily Gilmore in real life and is very active in the DAR so this was more for her.
  7. Carlyle
    After my Mom's father and they also would have still been somewhat honoring the Greek tradition. My Mom really wanted this one, but 'twas not to be. However, fourteen years later, she would name my little sister "Carys" which is Welsh for love and her variation of "Carlyle".
  8. But Hollis was the one that stuck.
    You would think after reading all of those names that my name would have some great meaning, right? NOPE. My dad met a golfer named "Hollis Stacy" before I was born and thought to himself "what a cool name!" Fast forward a few years and he had a hard time convincing my mom to go with it. Well, when Mom was all doped up from her C-Section, Dad got her to sign off on it. She came to and a very large, Southern black nurse walked into the room saying "Hollis? That's my brother's name!" My mom cried.