1. Hol
    Strangely only used by family on my Dad's side. I can't remember the last time my Grandpa/Aunt/Uncle called me Hollis.
  2. HJ
    My brother is "Eddie Jay" and I'm "Hollis Jane" so my dad used to call us "EJ" and "HJ". I vehemently opposed it's use once I hit middle school and started referring to other things as HJs.
  3. Toots
    Used only by Chris. We met on the set of "OZ: The Great and Powerful". My costume had a corset and he saw me walking around in it one day and said "Hey Toots!" I heard "Tits" and proceeded to berate him until I ran out of breath and he corrected me. I now call him "Tits" more than I call him "Chris" and he still calls me "Toots".
  4. Splatter
    Used primarily by Chris, rarely other friends. I am clumsy x💯💯💯. I knocked over a pitcher of beer and Chris said I "don't just knock things over, I splatter them".
  5. Business Man
    Used only by @mia on days when I'm working and she's not and wants to hang out. We pretend that I'm a business man earning a living for our family but rarely have time to see our children. Also used when she is working and I'm not.
  6. Hollywood Hollis
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    Used only by my brother and two closest cousins. After moving to LA, I came home for Christmas and said "Well, such and such doesn't happen like that in LA" and they WILL NOT let me live it down. Pictured is a Christmas present I received from them this year. My most embarrassing nickname.