1. I'm on a monorail at Disney world with everyone I know named Chris and ET (the alien). The monorail crashes but ET saves us all by putting us in Glinda the Good Witch bubbles.
  2. An alligator tries to eat my mom in the Everglades. I can't save her.
  3. Recurring: a sex dream where I'm with guys who have the same name. Every time I look away and look back, they're different. So one night, it will be all the Alexs I know, then the Matts, then the Bens, then the Chris(s). It plays with my emotions and I hate it.
  4. Jonathan Groff and I are friends and he takes me as his date to the Tony's. @mia is there and she and I get into the biggest fight we've ever had. We're screaming at each other and I'm crying. @lenadunham then takes us to a party in Queens to try and get us to make up.
    Not that going to the Tony's or hanging out with Jonathan and Lena would be a nightmare...
  5. My Dad is at our old house doing laundry and I follow him around. I tell him I'm scared and he says I shouldn't be and that he's fine. I reach for his hand but things start to turn black and white and I can't reach him. We're pulled away from each other and I wake up.