He passed away 11 years ago today. Pour one out.
  1. When he came home after a black tie fundraiser and told me he had had too many margaritas. He then proceeded to straight up walk straight into a wall. "Who put that there?!"
    I was 9.
  2. In an attempt to embarrass me in Middle School, he put on a pair of gold lamé boxers and proceeded to do a Mango impression for my friends and I during a sleepover in my basement.
  3. He told me my step-mom needed therapy and he was 100% serious.
    I'd always known she was insane and this was sweet, sweet validation.
  4. When I mentioned moving to Hollywood in elementary school, he said that California was full of "fruits and nuts" and "I'd fit right in".
    Thought he meant like lemon trees and almonds. Even he knew I'd eventually turn crazy and be the apple of many gay men's eyes.
  5. He took me to see Chicago opening day and let me play the soundtrack in his car for the following 8 months.
    He did a mean "Mr. Cellophane".
  6. 15 years of unconditional love and support in everything I did.
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