Inspired by @zoe and @emjuko
  1. You're a smartass but not in a mean way
    There's a fine, fine line between smartass and asshole and I need you to walk it. Think Lip from Shameless, Dean from Supernatural, Chandler Bing, and Han Solo.
  2. You're nice to my mom
    I love my Mom and I think she's awesome and I really want you to too.
  3. You share your popcorn with me at the movies but understand I'm going to want my own pop. I can't eat a handful of popcorn and then be left without pop because one of your man gulps finished it all.
  4. You're from the Midwest
    There's something about the way people are grown there. Plus, this will give us a lot to talk about (I'm from Michigan) and odds are you won't be against a vacation to Cedar Point.
  5. You're funny and you also think I am funny.
    Cliches are cliches for a reason. If you can make me laugh, genuinely and truly laugh, my pants are already halfway off.
  6. You don't rush me out of Sephora.
    In fact, you understand that you don't even need to come in. Let's just meet back in the food court in a half hour, k?
  7. You're willing to go all out on a couples Halloween costume.
    Can we be Margot and Richie Tenenbaum? Please?
  8. You have a favorite musical and it's not the one show your mom/sister dragged you to as a kid.
  9. You let me wax poetic about Doctor Who and Harry Potter and at least feign interest.
  10. Your hair ranges from reeeeally dark blonde to black.
    Sorry, blonde boys. You've never done it for me.
  11. You like dogs more than cats.
  12. If you wake up before me, you immediately make the coffee.
    That's the dream right there.