I tried to save this list for your birthday @mia but I'm impatient.
  1. @mia and I met in 3rd grade and became close instantly. We bonded over the Spice Girls and luckily, we didn't like the same one. She will forever be the Posh to my Ginger.
  2. In middle school, we performed a dance routine to 3LW's "No More" for the talent show.
  3. Shared loves included Friends, Aerosmith, Will and Grace, and Night at the Roxbury.
    From my 7th grade yearbook...
  4. She taught me what a "boner" was.
    I had a crush on an 8th grader named Andrew Conti who was friends with my big brother. He played trombone and after a concert, my brother told me to say "Hey Andrew! Nice boner!" At the time, I had no idea boner was a slang for erection. I was on my way to talk to him and I told Mia what my plan was. "No, oh my god, no! Come here let me explain". Forever grateful.
  5. 2004-2011
    The dark times. We go to separate high schools and colleges. No ill will, no fights, just natural drifting. We see each other a few times. We pretend this never happened. However, it also allows us endless stories to tell each other now.
  6. We re-connect when we both work on OZ: The Great and Powerful filming in Michigan. The re-connection is so great, we end up moving to LA within 2 weeks of each other.
  7. We get food poisoning together our second night in LA. We should have known better than to eat at a Mexican restaurant called "Ernie's".
  8. We live across the street from each other now and have finally fulfilled our middle school dreams of being Monica and Rachel.
  9. She is very beautiful on the outside.
  10. But even more beautiful on the inside.
    I got my tonsils out last year and Mia was waiting for me when I came out of surgery. Due to some crazy complications and my inability to handle anesthesia, I had to stay at the hospital overnight. Mia stayed with me for 8 hours and held my hand, comforted me, and yelled at nurses for me when I needed more pain meds and they refused me them. I had to actually tell her to get the fuck out so she could finally get some sleep.
  11. We're both hypochondriacs.
    We've gone to urgent care and the ER probably 10 times together since we've moved here. It provides some of our best material.
  12. She keeps me in check.
    Try lying about your feelings to someone who has deeply known you for 15 years. IT DOESN'T WORK!
  13. She's the best.