1. The really cute 5ish year old girl I sat next to on purpose because she she had a Frozen shirt on and I was hoping we could talk about it.
    We did. We both agreed Hans was terrible.
  2. The guy in the seat in front of me with beautiful eyes.
    His sneakers are really clean though. Like creepy clean.
  3. The baby crying.
    Me too, baby. Me too.
  4. The Australian lady who asked me for a pen and then called me "love" when she gave it back to me.
  5. The perky girl who came in here in her workout clothes and seems to think this will all go by quickly.
  6. The beleaguered security guard.
    Why are you so beleaguered?! Are a lot of people posing security threats here?
  7. The teenage couple holding hands and smiling.
    Fuck you guys. No one is allowed to be happy here.
  8. And literally like 200,000 more but they called my number so BYEEEEEE BITCHES.