I want everyone to do one of these!!
  1. First off, dis me.
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    I wish I was actually my handsome friend, Vince.
  2. This woman who was murdered by her husband in the 60s.
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    My friend sent me this and the resemblance is terrifying.
  3. Anne Hathaway
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    But also in a very real way, we look nothing alike.
  4. Lucy Hale
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  5. Gilda Radner
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    YES PLEASE! I'll take it! I'll take it all!
  6. Missi Pyle
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    I don't not see this? I'm just shocked people legit remember her name enough to tell me I looked like her.
  7. My dad.
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    Look at that kiddo!
  8. Debra Messing
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    I've gotten this second most. I don't understand.
  9. Uma Thurman
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    ❓❓❓❓❓ still confused ❓❓❓⁉️⁉️