Stealing this idea from @miggles36. I love when people are chill!
  1. George Clooney/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Joel Schumacher
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    I tell this story all the time but I don't care. When I was in second grade, my uncle was a grip on Batman and Robin and my mom and I flew out to LA to visit him. I was a precocious little cutie and I'll admit--everyone loved me. Joel Schumacher let me sit in the director's chair and call action. George Clooney told me I had pretty eyes. Arnold complimented my Beanie Babies. Then George and Arnold fought over me and which one of them I liked the most. Very influential moment for me.
  2. Dax Shepard
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    My second day working on Parenthood and he made sure to come up and introduce himself. We bonded over both being from Michigan and found out that he went to high school with a good family friend of mine. Further confirms my belief that people from the Midwest are the best.
  3. Lucy Lawless
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    Her husband was family friends with my step-mom. During her Xena days, we went to their house in Michigan and played board games. She was very sweet and I was speechless because I was PLAYING FUCKING UNO WITH A WARRIOR PRINCESS.
  4. Patrick Stump
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    I usually try to not approach people in public but @mia, @bjnovak and I were at dinner and he was a few tables over. I panicked because I've loved Fall Out Boy for about a decade. When he was alone, I went up to him and basically unloaded 10 years of admiration and gratefulness. He could not have been more gracious and kind.
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    Tolerates me when I berate him with questions about The Office. Also invited me to this app and has said some very kind words about how funny I am. But mainly The Office thing.
  6. Malin Akerman
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    I worked on Trophy Wife and she might be the chillest woman I've ever met. We got drunk together. A lot.
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    Before he fought Arnold for my affection, I asked him for his autograph. He said "Of course! Now Hollis...hmm how do you spell that?? H-O-L..." And then he paused, confused. And I, reminder in second grade and very annoyed that this so called actor didn't know how to spell my bizarre name, said "L-I-S!!" So...maybe not that chill after all. Thanks for the reminder @videodrew!!