Like straight up would drive directly to the church without even speaking to them first.
  1. The Eleventh Doctor
    He'd take me with him to see all of time and space. He'd be fiercely protective but know when I should be allowed space. We'd read Harry Potter aloud to each other before bed each night.
  2. Alex Smith
    Creepy posting a picture of him? Maybe. Alex Smith was my best friend from 6th-9th grade until he went to boarding school. We've stayed in touch pretty well and I see him every time I go to NYC. He's the most charming person in the entire world. @mia and @patrickrogers can confirm.
  3. Karen van der Beek (Californication)
    She is perfection. We would live along the Venice canals and drink coffee and read together. At night, we'd go see Becca perform with her band. We'd get a little tipsy and she'd brush the hair out of my eyes and I'd be the luckiest girl in the world.
  4. John Oliver
    We'd have a brownstone in the city. He'd wake up hours before me every day but always make sure that the coffee is fresh for when I wake up. I'd help him write bits for Last Week Tonight and he would always laugh especially hard at my jokes.
  5. Han Solo
    I mean...