I might be crazy.
  1. Robin Williams
    Voice of my childhood. In my mind, he comes up to me and strokes my hair and speaks softly. He speaks words of reassurance about how I'll get through this. He's not outrageous because he knows that now is not the time, but he's funny nonetheless.
  2. My dead Dad
    He often doesn't speak which I don't want to read too much into. He calls me "Hol" and urges me to keep going because he knows the best is yet to come.
  3. The entire cast of Parks and Recreation.
    Leslie is so upbeat and kind. Ann seconds Leslie and asks if I want to drink it away. Ron tells me that sadness is merely temporary and suggests that I perhaps get my ass off the couch and enjoy going for a walk. Tom says something like "DAMN GIRL! Don't let those pretty eyes cry." Andy threatens to beat up whoever hurt me. Donna suggests I insta a hot photo of myself. April asks if I want tell horror stories to kids. Chris Traeger talks to me for hours. Ben makes food. Jerry isn't there.
  4. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    This is new. He is realistic and protective. He shit talks boys who are mean to me and tells me I'm better and shouldn't be wasting my tears. He talks about how no one should dim my light and how I will be successful all on my own.
  5. RuPaul
    She doesn't put up with my moaning. She tells me that I can choose to be happy and pull myself out of this. She tells me that I've lived through every worst day of my life so far so I can live through this one too.
  6. No one.
    And sometimes no one comes and that's the worst.