I'm only 4'2 and I like to talk about it!
  1. A return fastpass at Disney World/Land
    A return fastpass means I get a little pass that I can take to each ride and the college kid working the front of the line writes a time on it. I'm allowed to come back at that time and ride the ride as if I (and my group) had a fastpass. This is good because you can also still get regular fastpasses on top of my return one. So it's 2x the rides! Ahem...everyone should want to take me to Disney with them.
  2. Better seats at concerts
    I actually don't like to use this one as much but it's more out of necessity. If I go to a show at House of Blues and everyone is standing, I legit can't see. And maybe I should realize that when I buy tickets but I also want to see bands I like so... Usually the employees are cool and move us to a better section and I buy a bunch of alcohol to make up for it. Everyone wins!
  3. Jokes
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    This one is a minefield. For example, anytime someone says something like "I'll be there in a little bit", I like to act all offended and say "why's it gotta be a little bit?!" And we all laaaaaugh! Or when I find comically small things and like to pretend I'm a giant. But a few weeks ago on set, a director made a Lollipop Guild joke about me and everyone (myself included) was SUPER uncomfortable. I'm still trying to figure out where the line is....but it's gonna take me a LITTLE while!
  4. Children like me
    Depending on the age, kids are always real wary of me at first. I look like an adult but I'm the same size as them? Sorcery! Then I usually make them laugh or compliment whatever adorably ridiculous toy or item of clothing they have on and BAM! We become allies in the war against the tall ones.
  5. People remember me
    This made it really hard to get away with anything in high school and no one will ever wonder who I am at a masquerade ball, but it's still nice. If people like me, they remember that they like me and RARELY forget my name. Other side of the coin: everyone remembers me, I remember no one.
  6. I can sleep a lot of places
    Small bench? Okay! Empty row on an airplane? I just lay across it! Twin bed? I prefer a Queen cause I roll in my sleep but I won't complain!
  7. My butt
    It's definitely not small.
  8. Peter Dinklage