In an hour, I'll be going to therapy for the first time in 14 years. I assume all of these will be answered in our first session.
  1. Why do I let man boys treat my heart so terribly?
  2. Did I royally fuck up by not coming to therapy when my dad died 11 years ago?
  3. Why do I get wildly uncomfortable when I see grown men cry? To the point where I can barely look at them?
  4. Why do I ignore my entire family's calls and emails?
    Except for my mom.
  5. How do I forgive my step-mom and/or sue her?
    Hopefully my therapist also has a law degree!
  6. Do I have abandonment issues even though I was never technically abandoned? Does dying count as abandonment?
  7. How do I stop spending money so recklessly?
  8. Am I a good and kind person despite all of the shitty things I've done?
  9. How much damage did that 6 year relationship do to me?
  10. I didn't shower before this. Is that a bad sign?
  11. I'm wearing last night's clothes. Is that a bad sign?
  12. Why am I more comfortable sharing these issues with relative strangers on an app than with 90% of my friends?