1. Figure skating partners weren't married
    The Cutting Edge had me fooled and then the real world broke my heart.
  2. "Professional" wrestling is fake.
    My brother and I went through a phase where we were VERY into WWF/WWE. I would run around my house pretending to be Goldust, a very sexually charged wrestler who was essentially a drag queen. (It all makes sense now). After doing that for about 2 weeks, my dad finally sat us down and explained that none of it was real. A crushing blow.
  3. Singers don't write all of their own lyrics sometimes.
  4. Singers don't write their own music sometimes?!
    "Where does it end?!" I shouted at the heavens.
  5. Friends was filmed LA.
    Then every other show started to click...Cheers, Seinfeld. Then I remember just sitting in my room and questioning if the writers of these shows even knew anything about New York.
  6. My mood ring didn't actually work.
    I was really mad at my mom and went to my room and angrily shoved it on my finger. It showed I was "warm and happy". A part of me died that day.
  7. *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, and the Spice Girls were "created" and not just groups of 5 best friends who like to sing and do tight choreography.
  8. That oftentimes in movies, there will be multiple dogs that play the "hero" dog. Followed by...
  9. The dog(s) who played Toto were long dead.