After I'm done writing this, all of my energy is going to be focused on not vomiting.
  1. My show is wrapping. Sad drinks.
    Two and a Half Men. I've never really watched it but it's been a fantastic show to work on and I'm sad to see it end....also to not have a job in two weeks.
  2. I correctly guessed who was Keyser Soze. Victory drinks.
    I saw Usual Suspects for the first time last night. Half hour in with all of the confidence in the world I said "Spacey. It's Spacey." I was really sad they were so mean to him when he was the gimp so I kind of reveled in him getting his. So I guess I'm on Team Soze.
  3. I moved to LA exactly 3 years ago yesterday. Anniversary drinks.
  4. Chris was buying. Free drinks.
  5. Chris drove. DUI free drinks.
  6. I have no self control. All of the drinks.