1. I remember @mia showing me a funny list @bjnovak made before either one of us were really on the app.
    I was confused. I said "okay, where did he post that? I don't get it."
  2. Then Beej emailed @patrickrogers and I and invited us.
  3. I believe my first list was about why pie (I still stand by this) SUCKS. I then followed it up with "why pi sucks" and that received much more attention.
    Ah ha! I see what we're going with now.
  4. I think the first list I requested from someone was a list about healthy snacks from @gabimoskowitz ! I was embarrassed she would fee inconvenienced but the list was fantastic and helpful!!
  5. My first invite was to @fisackerly. I have invited a few others but he is the only one who was truly embraced it.
    I feel like a grandmother to everyone Patrick has invited! Hello, my babies! @RachelP
  6. I've talked about this app with many people. Majority of my friends call it "that BJ thing" and I've corrected them countless times. They're finally starting to come correct and call it "That List App thing".
  7. I even read my therapist @mindy's list "For I Shall Be Your Big Sister" and she loved (and agreed) with all of it.
  8. Getting to know @zoe through the Internet has been wonderful and enlightening. And now I get to see her in person when I'm in NY! Thanks, List App!
  9. Though this, I got to meet @videodrew which means I got to write for Observer and get a badass new friend.
  10. @john made me a personal list and it was so sweet.
    Maybe I read it sometimes when I need an ego boost, who's to say?!
  11. List App gave me a space to talk about issues I care about like standing in for child actors and how similar I am to a raccoon.
  12. I'm rambling, but I'm so excited for Beej and @dev and @Nicholas and @jeremysomething and everything good that's about to happen. This has been lovely. Thank you.