1. You heard Ewan McGregor sing for the first time in Moulin Rouge and your life was never the same?
    Real sexual awakening for your girl right here when she was 12.
  2. Charlie's Angels came out and everyone was flipping out about whether or not they were friends in real life?
    If anyone has the clip of Steve Carell doing his Charlie's Angels segment on the Daily Show, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME.
  3. When Rose's hand pressed up against the carriage window in Titanic and your 8 year old mind thought that happened every time you had sex?
  4. In 1997 when the Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche had a 4 minute fight and the goalies left the nets and fought in the middle of the ice?
  5. You heard Seinfeld's "And I Am Telling You For the Last Time" and you couldn't breathe because you were laughing so hard?
  6. Your parents took you to your first concert and all of a sudden you realized that the person from the tapes and radio was real and you cried because it was so overwhelming?
    Thanks, Mom and Gloria Estefan!
  7. You heard the news that Ginger had quit the Spice Girls and you ran inside the kitchen to hear it from the news for yourself and you cried yourself to sleep?
    I told my Mom that "my life will never be the same".