Because, really, what else they doing?
  1. Viper
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    Apparently, DJ is widowed. The time is ripe for a Deej/Viper love reconnection.
  2. Gia
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    Stephanie's rebellious friend who smoked cigarettes and rode in cars with boys. If Stephanie is an aspiring singer, Gia NEEDS to play guitar in the band.
  3. The dead Mom
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  4. Stavros
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    Jesse's lothario Greek cousin. Little known fact: ALSO played by John Stamos! The magic of Hollywood!
  5. Denise
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    Michelle's best friend played by Jurnee Smollett. Did you know her brother plays Jamal on Empire?! What a dynasty!
  6. Duane
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    Kimmy Gibbler is going to be married to him, right? RIGHT?! Whatever.
  7. Teddy
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    Who doesn't want to Michelle married to Teddy raising beautiful bi-racial babies?
  8. Mrs. Carruthers
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    She was insane. Literally insane. Get this woman a trailer!
  9. Aaron
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    Michelle's mean classmate - an obnoxious little bully. HOW RUDE!
    Suggested by @dandylyons
  10. The Rippers
    Who even IS Jesse without them?
    Suggested by @dandylyons
  11. The less interesting members of The Beach Boys
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    They were ALWAYS dropping by.
    Suggested by @fisackerly
  12. Vicky Larson
    If only to generate interest in my proposed reboot of It's A Living...
    Suggested by @SGGinNYC