There's an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie and the girls talk about the little things they do when they're alone. Here are mine.
  1. If I'm out of clean glasses, I'll pour my wine in an empty water bottle. Like we're talking Fiji/Arrowhead type of water bottles.
    It's also handy because they're much harder to spill.
  2. Cry really hard and take a picture to send to my friends.
    I have this weird thing where when I'm sobbing, I always have to look in a mirror for like 10 seconds. I've done it since I was very young. Extremely narcissistic.
  3. Put a heaping scoop of peanut butter on a spoon and dip almonds into it and then look at mythology based tumblr graphics.
  4. Cannot convey how much I love these.
  5. I could go on.
  6. Fall asleep to Parks and Rec, The Office or 30 Rock.
    It's gotten to a point where I have a hard time falling asleep without the sound. It's gotta be a show I'm so familiar with that I don't care enough to fight to stay awake.
  7. Google pictures of men I find attractive from when they were in high school
    They're so adorable!
  8. Find animal doppelgängers for all of my friends and then proceed to make a collage of them.
    It's a gift.