1. Musical theatre historian
  2. Babysitter
    If I could get away with just holding Rick's baby the whole time, I would.
  3. Getting lost on purpose
  4. Complimenting the group
    "Rick, your beard looks so nice today!" "Michonne, I wish I could wield swords like you!" "Carol, these cookies are delicious!"
  5. Teaching everyone how to use dry shampoo
    Let it dry and THEN rub it in, guys!
  6. Do all of the talking for Darryl
    If he wants to be silent and just let me do all the talking, I will take that hit.
  7. Making friendship bracelets
  8. Getting in the way of things
  9. Complaining about the heat
  10. Free prostitute
    But only for Rick, Darryl, Glenn, and Noah.