1. A well fitted white t-shirt and jeans
  2. That thing men do with their jaw when they're angry
    Ya know...that thing
  3. Tattoo sleeves
  4. Watching a guy pick up a child and put the child on their shoulders in one fell swoop
  5. This exchange:
    Me: Your hair is getting so long! Him: I know, I'm getting it cut soon. Me: Oh, I like it! Him: I'm never cutting it again.
  6. Musical theatre singing. Soft singing. Really, any kind of singing.
  7. Threatening to beat someone up for me.
    I hate myself for this but the monkey part of my brain loves it.
  8. But also, letting me fight my own battles because you know I can take care of myself.
  9. Calling older women "love".
  10. Calling children "love".
  11. Making the coffee immediately in the morning.
  12. Laughing at my jokes.
  13. Calling me "kid" or "kiddo".