1. "Yeah, it's so great....I know, yeah, Lin is a certified genius...oh thanks so much, it's dumb."
    I started a Twitter called hamiltonssquad where I take pictures that are either from Hamilton or have pictures of the cast of Hamilton in them and make them memes. Started as a joke and now the Twitter has almost 30k followers and the instagram has 20k. It's afforded me some DOPE opportunities (meeting and becoming friends with the cast). But lately it's all anyone ever wants to talk to me about which is a liiiiittle exhausting. But everyone is so nice that it's great.
  2. "I mean, it's not like I'm going to move's more like a matter of when, not if."
    After spending a lot of time in New York in the Fall, I made the decision to move there. It's my favorite place in the entire world and I miss it every day I'm not there. I've started a pattern of going back there every 2-3 months and I can't just go the rest of my life doing that. Obviously, this news is upsetting to a lot of my LA friends so to ease them in I came up with saying "not if, when". That way if it happens tomorrow, they can't claim they didn't see it coming.
  3. "I'm so sorry I'm late, the gate was insane".
    CBS Radford...GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. I have been on almost every lot in LA and you are by far the worst at getting people in in a timely manner. Good god. It took me a half hour two days ago. What the actual fuck. I hate you, CBS gatekeepers. The actual lot is lovely but you SUCK.
  4. "Ok I was never attracted to Joey on Friends but god DAMN is Matt Leblanc hot."
    I'm working on the new Leblanc pilot and I swear to god any time I make eye contact with Matt, I get actual hearts in my eyes. I accidentally touched his butt yesterday when I had to hug him and I will never be the same.