1. I snort laughed when someone said Trail of Tears
    They were referring to themselves crying so maybe okay ??
  2. Talked a lot. I basically turned it into a therapy session. And then profusely apologized for talking too much.
  3. Asked a girl in a wheelchair if she thought Jason Street on Friday Night Lights was "cool"
    I meant as in a fair portrayal of someone in a wheelchair but I fucking used the word cool like an IDIOT
  4. A girl was speaking who was legally blind and she said "most people don't realize I am until I tell them" (she doesn't use a cane, she doesn't wear sunglasses) and I exclaimed "ok good!! Because I didn't know you were and was super confused as to why you were here at first"
  5. Called myself an advocate but said "I don't want to be an advocate but someone has to be!"
    Hollis, you fucking asshole.