Grosse Pointe South High School, Grosse Pointe, Michigan.
  1. Birkenstock clogs
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    If you weren't wearing these, what were you even doing? I had them in a light and dark brown. Size 35 if anyone wants to help me relive this.
  2. Tiffany bracelets
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    The IT gift for any girl in Grosse Pointe in 2004. Heart or circle charm? Engraved or not? You decide!
  3. Basement parties with clear alcohol in water bottles.
    Feels like the biggest cliche. I still can't smell Popov without wanting to vomit. Also where I got my first and only MIP.
  4. Bruegger's Bagels
    I had a study hall the period before lunch so I would skip and go grab lunch for my friends and I. I felt like the Persian king in 300. I AM A GENEROUS GOD.
  5. Driving to bad parts of Detroit to buy alcohol
    They never carded. This was a task usually given to the "boys" in the group. Really stupid thinking about it now.
  6. Headbands
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan was here before you, Blair Waldorf, and they'll be there long after you're forgotten.
  7. Anything North Face
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    Jackets, backpacks, t-shirts, you name it.
  8. Three barrel curling irons
  9. Ironically being into the 80s
    I used to wear layered neon polo shirts and claim George Michael was my favorite musician.
  10. Dave Matthews Band
  11. Came on tour lmy freshman(?) year. VERY big deal to score tickets. We snuck sips of Vodka in my friend's room before her dad drove us to the concert. You'd know who was at the show the next school day because EVERYONE was wearing a t-shirt.
  12. The Jackass movies/TV series
    "Oh my god, Alex, I LOVE Jackass too! We should watch it in your basement!"
  13. The Village
    3 blocks of local shops, restaurants, a TCBY, and a Starbucks. Wanna see that boy you like this weekend but are too scared to text him and make plans? Go hang out in The Village and odds are you'll run into him and his posse. He might even let you sit on his lap as you all drink your Frappucinos and annoy other Starbucks patrons.
  14. Smoking Black & Milds
  15. Quoting Napoleon Dynamite
    Vote for Pedro!