1. Keys
    I have to keep my actual car key and all my other keys separate due to some recall on my car that I haven't gotten fixed yet. Also included: key to my friend Chris's house, yoga pass, and Ralph's rewards.
  2. Wallet
    I've never found a wallet that I've liked or has functioned how I want it to. I don't even like this one. At some point I just figured why even bother.
  3. Lip products I use all the time
  4. Lip products I never use
  5. Vape pen and my pen's accoutrements
    I feel like a douche when I use this but it helped me quit smoking real cigarettes so...
  6. Two AAA batteries
    No clue where they came from or why I have them but I'm too scared to throw them away.
  7. Receipts I have no reason to keep
  8. This Norwegian rune pendant
    My aforementioned friend, Chris, and I go to the San Diego Viking Festival every year. It's dorky and goofy but it's also one of the top things I look forward to every year. We got these when we completed a children's "rune challenge". It makes me happy to look at.
  9. Contact lens accoutrements
    My eyes get super dry all the time so I often have to put in drops or re-wet my contacts completely. Also comes in handy when I don't spend the night at my own apartment.
  10. These pens
    No idea they were in here/very happy to find them.
  11. Travel size deodorant
    Never should there be a time in someone's life when they think "eh, I don't really need deodorant".