I'm years behind!!
  1. So the boys are in high school? Is it really pervy if I'm attracted to them? I like the asshole seeming one (name unknown at the moment).
  2. Oh, hi Minka Kelly!
  3. Jason Street is the perfect name for an all-star quarterback.
  4. Tim Riggins. That's the guy's name. "I just like to hurt people." SOLD!
  5. "I'm gonna bust up Paris Hilton's marriage". Sure.
  6. Is that Riggins' girl with Smash or just another blonde?
  8. She is WEARING that nude lipstick.
  9. How much am I supposed to read into that Moby Dick metaphor?
  10. Smash is funny.
  11. Seriously though, how is Connie Britton real?
  12. If people were putting as much pressure on me as they are on Coach Taylor, I'd be vomiting everywhere.
  13. Older lady hitting on Riggins. Dat me.
  14. So it WAS Riggins' girl with Smash.
  15. ...
  16. And then I stopped making this list because I became too invested in the show. I may have cheered LOUDLY when they won. Yay, bb Saracen!! I AM 100% ONBOARD.